Loan Against Jewelry | Diversifying The Use Of Your Precious Possession

Economic hardships are one of the real testing times for any family. No matter how much you plan, in the wake of an unprecedented crisis like COVID-19, anybody can feel the heat. In fact, all our savings are falling short as the pandemic is turning out to be inexorable. Normalcy has hit a wall as people are struggling to cope up with the outcomes due to the COVID-19 crisis. People are losing jobs or facing substantial salary cuts, these factors are derailing their usual life. Getting personal or business loans is a short-term solution that can help individuals sail through the crisis.
At Loan35, we provide online loans against jewelry, where you can get quick loans to fulfill your urgent needs. Similar to loans against cars, loans against jewelry by Loan35 has been put in place to help Nigerians out in a time of distress and to assure their financial security. This in turn prevents them from selling their valuables at cheap rates.
Let us explore the various advantages of taking a loan against jewelry during the time of a viral pandemic.

A Time Of Crisis

To give a prosperous lifestyle to your family, you spend money on valuables such as a car or precious jewelry. These possessions represent your standard in society as people consider them a mark of success. Now, when any situation arises where all your savings are falling short of your needs, you contemplate the idea of selling your prized possessions. During such grim times, maintaining a budget for your essentials gets difficult. You have to look after your family, so daily essentials are a must. Also, if there is a need for medical attention, you need to have emergency money to pay for the bills. On top of it, if you are running your own business,, you require the flow of money.

Every cash strapped moment could feel like a burden to you as things are not under control. Loan35 understands the need for money could come unexpectedly, therefore it provides loans against jewelry and cars to help you tackle the crises.

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Loan Against Jewelry Can Be A Helping Hand

If you own precious jewelry, you can get quick loans in Nigeria instead of selling them at cheaper rates. This comes under the umbrella of the emergency loan in Nigeria, where you can meet your personal or business needs.

Loan35 ensures that you overcome your financial challenges with flying colors without even losing possession of your valuables.

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Why You Should Choose Loan35 As Your Financial Partner

Easy, instant, and secure. These are three standout features of our loan services. Our collateral-based lending approach allows you to get quick loans in Nigeria against your cars or jewelry. With Loan35, you can access up to 10 million Naira to cover all your financial needs, such as rent, school fees, home repair, travel, and more in just 35 minutes.

Our 35-minute loan disbursement process is as shown below:

loan in nigeria

To apply for a loan or to know more about our financial services, please contact our team here.

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