Middle-Class’ Financial Woes answered with Quick Loans in Nigeria

Economic hardships can impose an unbearable burden on the middle-class segment of society.  Middle-class citizens need to evaluate several factors before getting various loans to fulfill their financial requirements. Like giving up possession of valuables such as cars or jewelry in exchange for money. This can be painful, as it takes a lot of blood and sweat to earn money and purchase valuables that represent a good lifestyle. However, during a financial crisis, the decision of selling those possessions is often made with a heavy heart. Any individual can be in a distressing situation when there is a medical emergency, educational expenses, house repairs, or urgent travel needs. People often keep money in their piggy bank accounts for these crises, however, not everybody save regularly.

At Loan35, we address the problem of getting quick cash loans in Nigeria for the middle-class families without them selling their valuables.

Easy way to borrow money in Nigeria in the time of need

With the looming economic crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses and individuals are facing the problem of turbulent finances. People are unsure of being paid on time, they have concerns about their job security and whatnot. During these grim times, if there comes a sudden need for money, it will create a panic situation. Middle-class households who own a vehicle or possess jewelry can easily think of selling them for a relatively cheaper price to make ends meet. Since nobody wants to go through the stress of the financial crunch, selling valuables in exchange for money is always open.

However, Loan35 comes up with the option to help you get loans in Nigeria by using those valuables as collateral. Whether it’s a car or a piece of jewelry, Loan35 is the platform that offers quick loans for Nigerians to mitigate their financial burden. In just 35 minutes, you can access secured loans, without losing possession of your car or jewelry.

Exclusive Benefits of Getting Quick Loans in Nigeria

  1. Quick Disbursement: Our complete process takes just 35 minutes to complete. We cover verification, loan approval, and disbursement of the loan.
  2. Interest rates: Pegged lower than the nominal interest rates that the banks offer. We ensure you remain stress-free even after securing the loan.
  3. Documentation: It takes just 24 minutes to complete the formalities of submitting your documents to validate your possession of valuable(s).
  4. Round-the-clock customer support: We care for our customers, and thus we extend a 24×7 customer support to address their queries

With all these benefits under the roof, you can apply for a loan in case of need, and we will sanction it in just 35 minutes. A quick, easy, and secure process that helps you overcome financial difficulties.

Amount to be disbursed

With Loan35, you can access up to 10 million Naira to cover all your financial needs, such as rent, school fees, home repair, travel, and more. Loan35 creates value for you by easily facilitating economic opportunities.

Why you should get Quick loans with Loan35 

Loan35 secures your valuables and prevents you from selling them, not to mention the lesser value that you receive from selling your valuables. We understand the amount of effort that goes in while earning money and purchasing a car or a piece of jewelry to maintain a happy lifestyle. Hence, we provide a level-playing field for all sections of the society by offering them access to quick and easy loans. Our 35-minute loan disbursement process is as shown below:

Easy Loan in Lagos

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