Quick cash loans without collateral | A boon in the time of COVID-19

Desperate times require desperate measures. The economic hardship due to COVID-19 has made it difficult to keep the financial flow active. While large-scale businesses may have backup plans to survive the crisis, households, small businesses, and micro-enterprises are finding it hard to survive. 

The pandemic has forced governments to launch various stimulus packages to support the plunging economy. Nevertheless, the struggle is still there. You work hard to buy your valuables such as cars or jewelry, but these trying times may force you to sell it for quick money. At Loan35, we offer quick cash loans to ensure that you get the right price for your valuables without selling them. Let us show you how we work.

Loan against Car

Years of hard work makes it possible for you to buy a car of your choice. Hence, it is completely unfair if you must give up its possession in need of money. While the financial crisis can pop out of nowhere in your life, selling your car is not the best option. You would have so many beautiful memories associated with your vehicle from going to work, to picking up your kids from their school and long-drives with your family. All the blood and sweat you put in your daily life to maintain a happy lifestyle needs a better backup. We, at Loan35, help you get a loan on the car you own. The process is as simple as it sounds, you can apply for a loan against your car in 3 simple steps (see below). Besides, we ensure that you get a better price than what you would get from reselling it. In 35 minutes, you can get your hands on cash loans in Nigeria. All this without even selling your car, your favorite vehicle remains under your name.

Loan against Jewelry

Treasured ornaments such as necklace, diamond ring, bracelets, etc. that we own are close to our hearts. However, selling them in dire need of money, that too at cheap rates can be disheartening. You spend a fortune to own any such piece of ornament that makes you look and feel good. So, there is no doubt how heartbreaking it would be if you have to sell them reluctantly in the time of crisis. Loan35 saves you from this pain, by offering quick cash loans against jewelry. Using your jewelry as collateral, you can get instant loans in Lagos and Nigeria to fulfill your urgent financial needs. We would never want you to sell your treasured ornaments at cheaper rates. Therefore, as a financial services provider, we came up with this solution for you.

How to apply for a loan against valuables?

As we care for our customers, we have kept the process plain and simple. The 3-step process takes a total of 35 minutes to culminate with the disbursal of cash loans. 

Here is the demonstration:

Other salient features of our process include minimal interest rates, flexible repayment options, and round-the-clock customer service.

Secure your valuables with Loan35

Get instant loans against your valuables with a few clicks on your mobile or desktop. To register for a loan or to know more about our financial services, contact our financial assistance team here.

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