How Quick Cash Loans are Empowering Women in Nigeria

A woman’s roadway to success is paved with several obstacles. From household responsibilities to biased working environments, success doesn’t come easy to women. Among these challenges, limited financial resources are one of the hardest to overcome. Women bound to financial dependency often find themselves crushing their dreams and talent helplessly. However, financial assistance in the form of quick cash loans encourages women to uphold their ambitions and boost their growth for future endeavors.

In the light of International Women’s Day 2020, Loan35 proudly offers financial independence to women of all backgrounds across Nigeria. At Loan35, women can get instant loans online by securing their valuables such as cars or jewelry as collaterals for easy cash. We offer quick and flexible cash loans up to 10 million Naira in just 35 minutes. Our financial services enable women to fulfill their dreams, initiate startup ideas, prepare for new job roles, and inspire others.

Read on to explore how quick cash loans empower women of all ages to take leadership roles.

How Quick Cash Loans Benefit Women

  1. Encourage Entrepreneurship 

Women entrepreneurs continue to face greater challenges than their male counterparts in accessing financial services. It discourages aspiring women leaders to initiate their startup ideas or businesses. Cash loans with easy terms and instant disbursement enable women entrepreneurs to set up their own startup businesses like salons, boutiques, teaching centers, etc. At Loan35, we encourage women entrepreneurs with quick cash loans at minimal interest rates and maximum benefits. Our online portal helps women to receive best-secured loans in merely 35 minutes to start procuring essentials for their business.

  1. Support Growth and Development

If family women are subject to family restrictions, working women are subject to gender-based barriers in the business world. In both conditions, women struggle with unhealthy growth opportunities and limited support.

Collateral-based lending solutions provide women employees with the necessary funds to achieve economic stability and continue their pursuit of success. With quick cash loans, women can not only support their family needs but also manage their everyday expenses, such as- 

  1. Buying a new laptop for work 
  2. Enrollment for skill training
  3. Preparing for abroad studies
  4. Managing traveling and accommodation expenses 

Loan35 assists women to fulfill their needs and continue to progress with easy and quick cash loans against their jewelry. Women can secure their jewelry or car to get instant money and repay in easy installments. 

  1. Increase Income Equality

Financial dependency is one of the factors that impede equality for women. When women are obliged to borrow funds for favor constantly, it lowers their self-esteem and status in society. It is followed by a litany of rules for women to use these limited funds which halt their progress further. 

At Loan35, we are making efforts towards achieving ground-level equality for women in all spheres of life. Our instant, convenient, and easy online loans boost women’s empowerment across Nigeria. Below is a complete step-by-step guide to accessing quick cash loans at Loan35. 

Loan35: Empowering Women with Quick Cash Loans

Loan35 is supporting women empowerment with its vision to create economic opportunities and stability for all. The online loan platform provides quick cash loans to individuals, women, and working employees against their valuables like cars or jewelry. Our online loan platform enables women to mortgage their valuables like cars or jewelry to access funds up to 10 million Naira in just 35 minutes.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to register for quick cash loans at Loan35

  1. Apply 

The registration process at Loan35 takes only a minute to enter your essential details. The application process is triggered thereafter.

  1. Verify Collateral

In the next step, you need to upload all your supporting documents to initiate the verification process. The seamless application verification process at Loan35 takes only 24 minutes. 

  1. Receive Funds

Once the verification is complete, borrowers can expect the receipt of funds in the next 10 minutes. With instant disbursement through credit or cash, Loan35 enables women to pursue their ambitions in a hassle-free and unrestricted way.

Start your success journey by applying for secured loans at today. Connect with our financial executives for any queries.

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