Using Your Valuables for Quick Cash Loans in Financial Crisis

Hardships can hit anyone unexpectedly. From medical emergencies and hiked education expenses to house repairs and urgent travel plans, individuals require quick cash loans quite frequently in Nigeria. However, the absence of secure money lenders forces people to sell their hard-earned goods like cars and jewelry for unjustified prices to meet their urgent needs. As an emerging online loan portal in Nigeria, Loan35 gives you a second chance to fix financial problems without worrying about losing your valuables. Read on to find out how.

We go through life’s struggle with the hope to improve our lifestyle and save a fortune for our children. A middle-to-high class individual toils every day to procure valuables like cars, jewelry, and electronic gadgets to maintain a happier lifestyle. However, unexpected financial crises can force us to sell our valuables at prices that are lower than their market value. 

At Loan35, we understand how difficult it is to part ways from our cherished valuables in the wake of urgent needs. Our financial experts have resolved to address the financial needs of Nigeria’s working-class using the following solutions –

1) Jewelry

We share a deep emotional connection with every piece of our jewelry. It takes a lifetime to earn and save for that heavy necklace, diamond ring, gold earrings, or other treasured ornaments. With soaring gold prices pegged at around 570,000 Naira for one ounce, it is disheartening to sell them at cheap rates in need of quick money.

With Loan35, you can now use your jewelry items to get quick money loans instead of selling-off your jewelry reluctantly. Our online loan platform, Loan35 enables people to borrow cash against jewelry within a record 35 minutes period. Following are some exclusive benefits of using your jewelry as collateral to get instant loans in Lagos and Nigeria

  1. Immediate disbursement– We provide cash loans instantly within 35 minutes including loan approval and verification. 
  2. Low-interest rates– To make your life stress-free, we charge minimal interest rates as compared irrespective of market conditions. 
  3. Minimum documentation- Our verification process takes only 24 minutes to complete all the formalities and process details. 
  4. 24×7 customer support– The financial assistance at Loan35 is available round-the-clock to fulfill all your emergency needs any time in Nigeria.

2) Cars

The value of owning a vehicle can never be overemphasized. From driving to offices to picking up kids from school, a motor vehicle always makes the commute easy and enjoyable. In fact, a forecast by the Economist Intelligence Unit, 

“The annual growth rate in car sales across African countries is expected to reach an impressive 32% during 2019-23”

However, urgent financial needs can crush the Nigerian dream of owning a car. Financial pressure compels middle-class households to sell their cars or motor vehicles at unbearable losses. 

At Loan35, we open new opportunities for car owners to take advantage of their vehicles for collateral-based lending. We offer instant and secure loans against your car to help you solve financial crunches while we take care of your vehicle. Our easy online loan approval system provides for quick cash loans against your car at minimal interest rates to fulfill your urgent needs. Here’s what makes our loans with collaterals the best-secured loans-

  1. Instant loans up to 10 million Naira in just 35 minutes
  2. The hassle-free loan application process
  3. Flexible repayment options
  4. No guarantors required

How Loan35 Secures Your Valuables for Instant Online Loans

Your valuables are our responsibility. We understand how Nigeria’s working-class struggles with the excessive workload to earn a car or save for jewelry. With Loan35, we are making an effort to open equal economic opportunities for all income levels. Here’s how our online loan portal saves your valuables by providing quick cash loans-

quick cash loans against car and jewelry

To register for a loan or to know more about our financial services, contact our financial assistance team here. 

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